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Scary AF. my heart is still beating fast

Good game. Genuinely creepy images and sound. I don't know how much more of it I can handle, but horror fans will enjoy it.


Granny is amazing and I’ve been playing it since.. February that I remember..but maybe add a grandpa? Or maybe an animal? When the animal sees you it makes a noise??? Idkkkk


I love this game, and I think that you should create another game where we get to be granny, and we have to make sure the person doesn't leave the house. PLEASE DO THIS, IT WOULD MAKE ME SOOOO HAPPY!!! I also think you should add an elevator in granny's house :))

Please add a multiplayer option!

Super fun and scary game. I think it would be super fun for my friends to be able to join me to help escape granny! If there is anyway you could add this in the future that would be awesome!

This is a great

This is a new part in the horror franchise and wow just wow but question when is the next update


I love this game and it is so addicting. Do you know what would make it better?? A Granny multi- player!! Me and my friends have to watch each other play other that play together!! I hope u like my idea


You should totally add multiplayer! This would be so fun! Other than that I love the app.

It’s a good game but needs work!

Granny is the game where you have to survive granny but I wish there was a creative mode or a peaceful mode that’s all


Fun game and add some more updates I think a cool one would be hide in the toilet and multiplayer!

this game is best game and you can’t change my mind

i just wanna know when the next update is coming, i love this game so much, almost more than i love my ex girlfriend.


I love the game Granny but wish there could be a multiplayer option. If there was a multiplayer option I would play this game 24/7 and would change my four star rating to a five.

Some ideas

Well I’m going to tell you that this game is very good and I play it quite a lot, but I think that you should add some more things in the game. 1) make granny’s teeth “ sharper “ and remove granny’s teeth that she has right now because it’s just a photo - 3D mouth. 2) Also you should make the 4th floor and the only way to get there will be from the garage. 3) maybe you can make a third weapon that will slow granny down for maybe 2 min???🙂🙂🙂

Please update

Best game just needs new things ! Getting bored of the same old.

Scared Of Granny😨

I got the most horrible jumpscare in granny. so....I’m pretty scared of granny cause of one jumpscare. and the jumpscare was pretty creepy that I deleted the game. granny was all glitched out. can you fix this bug. also can you add a multiplayer so I’m not the only one getting scared.and sometimes I’m getting stuck so I need help.this me 😱 And this is granny 👿👻🤬

I love this game

Hi I’ve been playing this game sense it came out I like it but I wish you could add a partner it would be fun to have another person there like a dog or a person so it could be Harder or easier thx byee👋


I would love it if you make granny multiplayer because me and my brother Play the game all the time and the only way that we can play multiplayer is on ROBLOX but you know that’s not that great but if my brother could be Granny and I could be the person that walks around or I could be GRanny and he walks around that would be so much more fun because it would pay more because more people like it and we would get to see Granny’s POV


I love it but there has to be a new update we’re u can play with ppl and u can be granny but there is a bug

This game is so fun but...

I have been playing this game for a very long time but I’ve been starting to get really bored of it. I know you added some new rooms and that was GREAT! The problem is that you should add even more rooms. I also think you should add a next level after you beat it and it says, “THE END” I think the ending is to soon. And I have been ready through people’s responses and I agree that you should let on person actually play granny like one of your friends while I try to do all that stuff. But overall I still play the game and it’s super fun but really want something different than THE END.

Well 😐...

This game is terrifying omg 😲 I love ❤️ when she chopp... sorry can’t finish anyway 🤐 if you are a parent and reading a review BEFORE downloading it good you are smart 👍🏼 ok no.1 VERY BRUTAL no.2 my grandma 👵 Would NEVER do that and... no.3 JUST GET IT IF U WANT ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Thanks 🙏 for reading ALL THIS 👋 ** did in deadly voice**


A nerve racking game that is challenging and fun.

Granny game needs a save function!!!!!

This game is really fun and suspenseful! Super fun if you like to be scared. But it can take a good hour or more sometimes to gather items to escape the house which makes it hard to sit and play when you don’t have a bunch of free time. It would be nice if there was a function to save your progress so you can play it off and on throughout the day. I had a blast playing this game but I am not going to play it anymore until it has an update with a save function.


i’ve seen a lot of comments of added multiplayer, either playing with friends such as playing granny and your friend trying to escape or multiple friends in the same game trying to escape against computer granny or a friend playing her. that would be really cool and if that was to happen i feel like more people would play the game!!

Multiplayer granny

They really should add multiplayer granny because me and my friend have been playing it for a long time and we always play granny but never is that much fun without you’re best bud and their are separated rooms so we are like neighbors so if anybody read this thanks and the developer of this game plz add multiplayer granny it would mean a lot to me and my friend.✌️

Great game but they should add a multiplayer mode

I love this game I recommend it if you like horror games! I just think they should make a multiplayer mode so people could play together. I recommend this app!

Needs more stuff

Good game but needs multiplayer

I love this game but.....

I think you guys should add more too it , like once you escape her house you have to hide in the area so she can’t get you.... If she does then she licks you in the outside area and you can escape through a door back there but you have to find all the objects to unlock the door , Harder locks though 😃😃❤️ hope you use my use idea!!


I think this game is exciting and scary I also think the players should have usernames so you can play with a partner please put this in the game when you next update it thank you

Awesome❤️ but please update it

This Game is AMAZING but to make it WAY better you should add a thing to where you could pick if you want to be Granny or if you want to be the person that Granny keeps in her house if you do this that would be huge for me PLEASE do it I would be so HAPPY. PLEASE get back to me thank you

What to add

I wish you would add a local multiplayer, but they have to be connected to the same WiFi router

Very good

This game is too good, to praise, I hope the second one


One of the best games I’ve seen in the App Store in a while

Multiplayer and friends?

This game is the best horror games that I’ve played. But, for the past week or so me and my friends have been playing Granny and we thought that maybe there should be multiplayer and friends. So I hope that this update can happen soon so me and my friends can play in the same game. Also there should be a backstory and how all this happened and how you end up in Granny’s house. Great game! 5 stars

Great game

It’s a really good game and all but the last update was 2 months ago you gotta make a new update please in the update you should add a multiplayer feature it will really make the game better

More maps

You should make more maps/levels maybe different back stories


It is to easy

It’s pretty cool

I love this app a lot even thought its a couple months old now an everyone is completely forgotten but I didn’t forget it! I’m not a BIG fan, but, I still appreciate this app for being a big part of the gaming world! I officially say it’s a pretty decent game after hearing that there’s some cool mods for this app, but it’s only for mobile. Which pretty much disappoints me a lot but I’m glad that the people who have this app and that have mobile actually can do cool things with it since, iOS has most apps and it’s pretty much unfair so, yeah. I’m hoping that changes soon!! Please let iOS people have a chance to at least change some mods on granny, Thanks For reading!!! Please read if ya haven’t!!!!!

Update request ( Please read )

Ok so yes I do like this update but you should make the ending with granny running out the door after you and some kind of your character driving off ( just an idea ) /2\ we could use more rooms I don’t know how the game files are or how the house is set up but I would like to add like knock down a painting and there is a button which opens some sort of hidden room or even holds a key ( just and idea ) /3\ graphics we need better ones for the running and stuff like maybe when crouching you can roll and when standing up you can jump ( a jump button ) ( like I said just an idea ) I know this is asking for much but you how much better this game would be it is already 5th doing this could make it 3rd or even 2nd possibly 1st. Anyone else reading this copy this or whatever. We must have these things in the game who agrees? Thank you for your time.

Nice game

It’s awesome granny is weird but we can deal with it and the game is good and awesomely and keep working on it

Add it bro jdjsb

Add multiplayer do u can play with friends and a mic that would be awesome

Love It!!!

I had the game for a while now, and I love it! It is a little scary but I like riddles and that is what granny is. I like the feeling of always running from her and the stress of not making any noises I do recommend for new people to go on easy and try it out because the creaking floors are a pain also, a few other tips: The painting gives you an extra life Shoot Granny with the shotgun or tranquilizer to knock her out for extra time You can also lock her in sauna and turn on the steam to knock her out The screwdriver is on a shelf and you have to shoot it with tranquilizer or shotgun Hope you found this review useful enjoy the game!




Me and my cousins love Granny! We are obsessed with the game! But, what would make it better is if it was multiplayer, where your friend can be Granny, while you are the person running away!


This game is so fun. I have some struggles with getting out but I can make it work. This is surely my favorite game!!

Amazing! Pretty scary!

Amazing but terrifying when granny chops your head off or eats you

It’s a mistake

I’ve been playing granny since it came out and well theres the padlock code but I’ve searched the whole house but there is no padlock code I’m triggered please hide the padlock code somewhere easier!


Gotta admit this game scares the crap out of me and i only had it for like a day

I love granny

I LOVE GRANNY SO MUCH the game is awesome and very challenging I would love if u guys could make a multiplayer mode so me and my bff could play together like I was granny and she was the person running from her I love ur games like Slenderina in the forest and stuff I love how u made it that if u get the teddy bear and put it in the crib Slenderina appears anyways I love ur games!!


I had a glitch it was when you get in a tunnel to the basement I got stuck but I like the game

More Escape and stuffs plz

Ok..... I finished this game for 50 times and this is just so easy. I mean I have only one door to escape, can u add a new escape for Granny and one more weapon rather than the crossbow and shotgun. I think u should add new weapon for us to knock out granny... Can u make Granny graphics a little better too... Sorry it is alot but I hope u can do what this comment says. #GrannyNeedsAnUpdateRecently


It’s a great game. But there’s some things I think you should add. 1. First: you should add multiplayer. But in multiplayer the house is about 5x bigger and a mode called “Even more locks” and it has all the locks in extra locks with even more locks. The more players the more locks 2 players have 5 more locks. 3 players have 8 more locks. 4 players have 11 more locks 5 players have 14 more locks 6 players have 17 more locks 7-10 players have 25 more locks 11-15 players have 35 more locks and 15 players is the maximum amount of players. Also make it so when one player runs out of days they have to go in a room and if all players run out of days the games over, but another player can free them with a item like a keycard or a rusty key or a pick locker. Also the map gets bigger the more players. The more players the more rooms. And the amount of rooms is the same amount of the more locks. should add a new item called shell parts and you can make more ammo for the shotgun. Also you could add a item called arrow part to make more ammo for the crossbow. 3. You should make it so after you free yourself from a bear trap you can get a item called broken bear trap and when you get 5 you can make a bear trap and if granny steps it, it makes it so granny can’t move for 5 muinites but if you get too close she can still hit you. 4.You should make it so players can get a backpack and they can put 4 items in it.

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