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Bad game

Just a copy and paste


Granny should be on a Game console I can this being on a game console and everybody coming over to watch you play in the dark on a big tv that would be so cool

granny devoloper

devoloper of granny can you realese update 1.6 and add multiplier mode so we can all play with friends please realese it its gonna be fun

Great game but an idea.

Ok love granny play it more then baldi basics but here’s an idea, a little more meat pls the spider is feisty after the first and is also hungry so pls that. Now for a new part a secret room full of granny death devices and a saw puppet showing a reverse bear trap, that will be a defense weapon search it up if you don’t know what that is. The room can have. Inject table, guillotine, election chair, noose, lim strecher and a, shotgun trip wire.


I think when you update it you should make a multiplayer on granny because that would be so fun and I like how you can get the teddy bear and put it in the crib and her sisters appears


It will be awesome if you put multiplayer on it and more people would get it that will be awesome it you put multiplayer on it plz put multiplayer on it plz

A M A Z I N G G A M E !!!!


Very good game

I like it however there is a bug in the game where sometimes when you drop something it disappears and you can’t get it back. Also please add multiplayer because it can make the game more interesting. Also please make a way to escape from the back yard. And maybe in you can add an elevator in the house that you have to fix to use. Please add more Easter eggs. They are so fun to find. Also maybe in the secret slenderina mum room you can make it so slenderina’s mum can maybe help you in you can find a way to unlock the chains and get her alive. You should add an impossible mode where granny moves extremely faster than you and have grandpa in the house with a pet dog. Maybe add a danger to the basement like a demon or something like that. Please add a jump feature and make a new area to the house where the master key can spawn and guard it with parkour. You can also add a tutorial mode so new people know how to play the game. Another idea for the master key. You should make it so it is broken in half and you have to find both parts of the key to escape. To make the game even more harder you should add another door behind the main door where there are new locks. Perhaps add a feature that the spider can come off its level and go around the entire attic when you use the special key. Perhaps make it so you cant hear granny’s footsteps in hard mode and up. You can add more hiding spots. And please make it so granny can crouch but can’t go into the passage ways but she can get you in Teddy’s area. Also make it so she can be killed by the spider and make poisoned meat so you have another way to get rid of the spider. Also please make her mouth look normal because when I see it it makes me want to throw up. Overall a very good game! Hope you take my suggestions and add them to the game! Thanks! -Wyatt Poehler

Very interesting

It’s a little hard and sometimes scary but I don’t like it because I wanna try driving her car but I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find the fuel.

Dear dvluper

Granny is awesome but I just wish their were multiplayer it would be so awesome 😎

Amazing but here is some ideas

This is a great game the best horror game so far but it would be super fun if you would consider my ideas and others ideas and try them out! I really love this game but it would be much more fun if there was a multiplayer option. And maybe add some more Easter eggs and rooms. It would be really cool if there was a grandpa mode and an impossible mode where there is granny and a grandpa. Again this game is awesome and I’d really appreciate if you tried out these ideas!!!

THIS GAME IS AMAZING! But just one thing..

I love this game so much I play it everyday and if you think I escape it every day😂 the Controls work so well they don’t glitch THE GAMES JUST COOL but what I would like to see is if you could play as granny and try hitting the player that would make the game just insanely awesome so please can you do an update as to play as granny. I would love it so much!

I luv it

Omg this game is absolutely fantastic I enjoy playing this all the time this would be even more fun if it had daily challenges, not hard ones but ones that people could beat. Overall I have recommended this app to many of my friends. And they love it to. Again my favorite app. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 keep up the good work! Also plz add multiplayer to that would be awesome to play with my friends

Lag or dumb iPad

It lags a lot but my iPad is stupid sometimes so if it lags for you granny people make game fix if not make my iPad work thanks you guys should get this game it’s pretty good but scary so play at own risk

Not complaining

But I think when you beat the game in extreme mode you should at least get a different end screen.

Scary as Heck but Fun

I just started playing this game a few days ago and I love it. The fact that you have to find all this stuff in order to escape makes it very interesting and intense. Also, the game does not lack on the scariness. Granny is CREEPY!! The only thing that I wish this game had is like a training mode where you just try to escape without Granny chasing you. That way new players like me would know how and where to find the stuff needed to escape. That way they could spend more time worrying about Granny chasing them and less on how the heck they are supposed to escape if they don't know where anything is. Also for all of the new people who are gonna get the game I have some advice. If Granny sees you go under a bed she can still get you. Don't be as scared as I was when she does. Also the little hallway between the basement and the stair cases leading down is a great place for hiding in since Granny can't crouch down and get you. If you drop something at one end you can wait for Granny to come and then sneak out the other end and explore a bit. *UPDATE: I wanted to thank the developer of this game for using my idea about a training mode. In the new update there is now a mode where there is no Granny so thank you!!

I love it!!! But...

Ok so my opinion is that it's really fun and interesting. But the update I really really want is to make is multiplayer. Please! This game is amazing over all. At first I was a little scared but then I figured out that it wasn't so bad. I am addicted to this game. Don't stop me though

Love it

I love it but I think hello neighbor is way more fun

multiplayer !!

love the game !! i think that you guys should make a multiplayer ! in resemblance , minecraft had it where you had to be on the same wifi as another to play together . i think this should be added to the game . anyway , all and all the game is pretty great !

Make the camp map

In roblox there is a camp map can you add that plz but the CAMP is muiltiplayer can you make multiplayer mode and camp plzzzzz

Amazing Horror Game

This is probably by far the best horror game I’ve ever played. I also like that they added a practice mode, in case anyone is too scared to play the REAL game. Overall a great job. But why can granny hit you through the wall in the teddy room? Eh. Never mind.

Request Multy Player

Love The Game But Can you Please Add Multy Player

To dvloper

This is an excellent game since 1.5 I wish the House was bigger and more weapons. Thank you .also I rated 5 stars. I will remember this when I grow up. Bye

Is there a way to change Granny’s House?

I LOVE THIS GAME ❤️❤️❤️❤️ but... you should add a way for people to change granny’s house and appearance because... no offense but shes kinda UGLY. Maybe she could have a dog at the door and you could use the shotgun to kill it. There should be a new ending like if you can kill granny. Like with poison, gear-tine, shot gun , cross bow with poison arrows. Maybe you could fight granny with a weapon. You could also Steal granny’s bat when you make her faint. Or maybe you could lock her out of the house. Like in the “backyard” notice why im using quotation marks. She boarded all of them up. 😐 Please consider these Ideas thanks!

Really good game


Scary but awesome

I love granny because everyone tells cool story’s about her.And even though it is scary it is awesome.And her house is big!And it scary! I mean like scary! I can’t even go out the room! And she can pop scar you! Sorry if I spell wrong. And the spider is really cool!👵🏻😈🕷🥩

Love granny but one problem

Granny is a great game but... there is one problem there is no multiplayer you cant play with your friends once you guys make a new update with multiplayer I give 5 stars. Please add multiplayer then this game will be complete.

Multi-mode pls

This game is great but if you add a multiplayer mode.....🤩🤩this game will hit exactly 5 stars🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Good game

I like this game very challenging scary and fun but you should Mack grandpa too with a different house and it would be really funny if you made a trump one in the white house so please make these thank you.

Terrible update

At first I was loving playing granny but the stupid update makes it less fun

Pls add multiplayer

This has so much potential. Pls add multiplayer and option to be the granny. Great game

Please add multiplayer

Me and my sister would like granny a lot better if the game had multiplayer and it would be nice if you are aloud to pick granny or the escaper and random and when you are the escaper you could choose to be a boy or a girl and how fast granny can go so please ad multiplayer 👍


This might be the scariest game i ever saw,I love this,all the puzzles,granny.can you give plz make granny 2, if that’s that much would be awesome,and keep up with the good updates


Hello Dennis Vukanovic, So my friends and I love the game granny and we were saying how it would be great if you had a option to play multiplayer with your friends by a username. If you can next update by any chance can you make that option come to life so my friends and I can have fun on granny in multiplayer in the same game. Thank you and have a nice day! By:Victoria Lynch

Love it

Multiplayer please!

Granny Halloween

How about you add a new update that granny’s house is Halloween and she’s a witch, and the same for Christmas and thanksgiving. Please reply.

Pls make granny mode

Hey developer of arcade games can you please make granny mode so we can play as granny and the survivor can pick any mode for us to start with pls

GREAT game

This game is great but there’s one thing that should be added like multiplayer where someone’s the granny and ya have to escape with somebody better then the computer taking a random guess where you are and just stay there for the rest of the game BUT there’s one thing I would really like which is two people trying to escape the house instead of one like a online game or just split screen that’s it AND I know that this will never happen also add it on xboxs


It’s not a bad horror game but it’s pretty much just a watered down Hello neighbor Isn’t terrible but isn’t great either

Great but I have suggestions.....

I love this game and how it changes but I really think you should add some sort of ally and definitely make it possible to go faster when going through the tunnel to get outside. Create a mode or multiple modes of whatever you want but my idea for one is having a grandpa helping granny and having a second house as an alternative map. BUT ABOVE ALL PLEASE ADD A STORY LINE


You need to make the game a two player game


It’s a great game but I wish the people who made it would add more stuff


Add a multiplayer choice so you can play with friends. Also add a grandpa to granny's house only when you have chosen multiplayer. Please add a multiplayer!!!!!!!!! I would really appreciate it if you could add multiplayer so i can play with friends.

best game ever. but i have an idea

this is literally my favorite game of all time and i play it allll the time. i’ve recommended it to friends and they are obsessed with it. however we only have one thing to say. you should totally figure out some way to make it either VR (virtual reality) or multiplayer!! it would make the game even better. maybe you can even add another antagonist. maybe you can add granny and grandpa ? maybe you can add a nice guy or a bad guy. anyways. i LOVE this game!! it’s my favorite !! thanks, anonymous:)


Listen I love the game she pops out of nowhere who hates that? But I NEEEEEEEEEED a multiplayer. I have a friend and we want to play together. Maybe you could make it like she is faster and stuff but I NEEEEEEEEEED a multiplayer. And also maybe you could make like a hardcore mode where she is the same speed as extreme it’s still dark but you have one day. And you could make another escape like out side or something. And finally could you make a super easy mode just for those beginners out there that are trying to get better. Other than that I have never played a game this AWESOME on a iPad maybe other than Fortnite.

The Best

It’s fun

Slender Rena’s mom

I was playing the game and I found slender Rena’s mom if you go to the extra bedroom knock the one painting down you’ll find a lever pull it a secret room appear on the bookcases side find the book and put it on the stand in the secret room and her mom will appear

Great game!

I love the new update. I love how you fixed the glitches except for one. It’s not all that bad but it’s an invisibility glitch. Not calling this game bad but just pointing out a fact. I love the new update especially when the spider just runs out at you in the attic. And including the car which you can now use to escape with. Also please add multiplayer. Maybe 2 per server? The game is perfect. Those times when your hiding then you think Granny is home so you come out and then she pops out of nowhere and kills you. Yeah... those times. I 100% recommend this game.

Luv it so scary

I like his game and gives me the spooks xD.... GURKEYYY.... ok no FGTeeV fans? XD But over all...I like it

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