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Please add to multiplayer

It is very good but I’m not satisfied playing by myself please add multiplayer max to 4 people

Great Story

This game is really fun and I definitely recommend you to get all the games made by this company because all the games have A connection this makes the game more fun with a story because if you want to understand Granny get every single game made by this company, but don’t get the first slendirina that cost money, not worth it. Because when you get a hammer and go to the room with the mannequin slenderina will appear.............

Best Horror Games

I Love All Of These Horror Games


There should be like everyone is saying multiplayer where one person can be granny and the other could be the one trying to escape and add a grandpa but in hard and extreme mode and maybe make it to where you can go outside but granny has cameras out there in different spots and an electric fence so once you escape the house you need to escape the yard but you can go back into the house if needed and there are two or tree locks out side two on the fence and one for a shed

Best Game I’ve Ever Played!

I greatly do love this game, it is one of the best games I’ve ver played, and I would love to see a some type of Multiplayer mode. I would love to play this game with my brother and work as a team through this game. I would really do appreciate if you add some type of multiplayer mode so I and others can play together and work together to strive through this amazing game. Once again, great game! And also please add more to the map, I love exploring through it or add a different map, that’s also a great idea.

Few improvements but AWSOME!

Ok so I saw granny as a suggested game on the App Store. So when I played I never knew what to do so I knocked something over and I went out the door and I saw her and she killed me. But anyway the more I play I find more tricks. Like to get teddy and run away as soon as I get teddy as long as granny is not there or near me. So I think you should have a thing so when you chop teddy open you can give granny her heart and granny helps you find things without granny killing you. Also there should be a mode where you can pick to be granny or be the person to get out but if you do add that mode you should have granny never run out of bear traps. I think you should add a gun in the room you start in(but have it hard to shoot granny and have granny put her hands up if you point the gun at her and if you have the gun in your hand granny won’t kill you and you can pick up other things even if you have the gun in your hand!) Plz add these improvements to the game!

More Places (please read)

I’ve Completed granny in EVERY gamemode and put the teddy in the crib. But I had an idea for MORE places so I would play more. What I mean is you play in a school or library instead of just escaping granny’s house. Like at the beginning at the game it would give you an option to play at Granny’s House, Library, or school so I could see granny in plenty of places and escape plenty of places. Please take this idea in consideration.

Please read this!!!!

I give this game a three stars cause, there are some glitches like granny walking through things and could there be a way that you can jump over the bear traps and also a way to hit granny. Also can you like a weapon in one of the cubbies( I don’t know how to spell it) or just give us something we will need. And if you have read this.. thank you for reading you don’t have to do the things I said, but it just a suggestion

Too much bugs

there are a lot of bugs for example i’ve seen many players including my self get stuck in walls and door also the floor that’s the only thing i hate about this game please fix it

Granny Review

I just finished this game and it was a thrilling Adventure!It is Terrifying and Unique with its ownScary,Puzzle,Mysterious,adventure!Although I was upset with the plain ending and thought of a ending much more,The sound effects were awesome,the gameplay was amazing,the graphics are ok making it kind of realistic,I recommend this.I hope you do a part 2 of this or something else like this.Good job,Dennis!(Spoiler)P.S.Nice Slenderina appearance easter egg


I had gotten everything I needed to get out of the house. I had the master key in hand ready to unlock the door. Then it glitched and I got stuck in the basement when you get out of the secret passage near the safe. I made as much noise a possible and granny came but she couldn’t kill me.

2 player game please

Since everyone loves granny, you guys should make a 2 player update, so it’ll be more fun!! Because me and my friend downloaded this game like 2 weeks ago, and she is wanting a 2 player game.


I love this game so much but they have the granny throwing bear traps on the ground but I think that we should be able to start off with a weapon

Awesome but

When you find the hammer and you knock down the planks and put it by the hole you die when you walk on it can you fix that please

Really Fun, Needs Some Improvements

I really love this game. I’ve showed to to my friends and we’ve all been playing for weeks! It’s just I wish there was more! Like more levels, characters and rooms. It would be super fun if the creator/creators could make some type of multiplayer mode so you could play with friends, that would be so awesome! I was thinking maybe a dog to attack the player or a grandpa to help granny but those are just some ideas! Again, I love the game, keep it up!

Great horror

Might of scared the crap out of me. But other than that a great horror game! (The reason it’s 4 stars is I get stuck on everything)

Good But Needs Improvement

I Was Playing This For Months And it Was really fun. And i wanted to you Denis To Add Grandpa And A Second Part Where You Run Through The Woods And he chases you... then When you finish the runaway then you get Shot And you get buried alive... Please do this cuz it took me 3 mins.


Can you put when you escape you see your parents you can look at your house inside and play video games on the computer like roblox that is why I put 4 stars update it what I said in the review on may 14th


i think the game is really good , but would be better as a multiplayer game .


I LOVE this game! It’s super fun and scary! And I LOVE scary games! I like a huge variety of games. This is my third favorite horror game! The second being Eyes, and the first being FNaF.

I Love it!!

I got the game yesterday because of my cousin and fell in love i just wish there was a save game where you could save you're progress but it still is awesome!


I saw you tubers playing it and I thought it was cool the first time I played it took me about 10min to leave the starter room I felt super scared and I thought I was gunna get a heart attack but then after I was experienced it was fun great game but there’s this weird thing where at some point I get stuck cuz of the boxes other than that great game


You should make it multiplayer


It’s great but I can’t do horror games. So if you can get it. And beware granny hears you.


We should make it with more people in a game

Keeps kicking me off

So I get on normal or easy then read then I go to loading screen and kicks me off in the middle of the loading screen.i turned off the music and lasted a little longer but still kicked me off.if you have a medium iPad half of the time it kicks you off.who ever made it may need to take a look.

Good Game But Could Be Better

It was a great game at first but then when you start to beat the game a lot it gets very boring. P.S. 👌 Gottem

Great but needs more

This game is amazing I’ve told juts about everyone I know about it and I play this game about everyday. But me and the rest of the community would like some changes to the game. I would love to see a backstory to the granny in little cutscenes. I would also like to see and bigger house as if it’s Hello Neighbor. I would also like to see Granny in different places such as the woods or an added front yard area where you need to do objects like mow the grass to find a key. A grandpa could be added to the game if there was a co-op mode. Me and many others would also enjoy more puzzles in the game then just looking for objects. I’ve beat each mode and it still never gets boring but those changes would make he game top 3 again. Thanks for probably not reading this all. Also smarter AI for granny but hats way too much to ask for. Thank you.

Good but...

It’s a really fun and addicting game but when you escape the house all it does is you drive away it should be more interesting and the beginning should have a back story of how you got here not someone else’s ps. It’s easy to glitch hahah

Really fun but needs work

Ok so when I’m playing on easy granny always seems to kill me through the wall which really annoys me because I’m always about to win and she kills me through the wall. One time I was standing up in the little room with the teddy bear and she killed me when I was inside the room!


I have a suggestion:since granny eyes are white she can't see I suggest that if granny comes in the room you cant't move your device and if you move it she will hear you moving kinda like until dawn when the monster comes you need to stop moving the controller cause it detect motion I hope my suggestion is good

Straight Up Review

Alright all I can say is this: headphones in, turn your lights off = scared to death. Super cool concept; awesome game.

MUST GET IT but some ideas

I absolutely love this game and it is really addicting but I have some ideas. In the next version, maybe the game could be even more complex and you should add more special features to the game along with Easter eggs and the houses size. But other than that, I think this game is PERFECT for someone like me

Needs Fixed

Game crashes constantly, overheats your phone, doesn’t respond well to touch/controls, and the controls are just horrible in general. It could be a good game. But having to constantly start over because it keeps crashing just makes it annoying.


You should put the game in ps4 or xbox. The game is great, but it would be cool if you try to put.

I love this game!!

When I first started playing this game I could barely get out from under the bed. I was absolutely terrified to go downstairs but I’ve been playing for about a month and most people say it’s boring but I still love it and love the feeling of getting out. However, there can be some changes. There should be a mode where you can be granny and stop the person from escaping. For this mode there can be an easy level, medium, etc. Also there could be an insane mode where there are like 5 extra locks on the door and granny is either really fast or maybe she could teleport. Also there could be an invisible mode where the only way you can see her is from her floating bat. This would make it fun endless times to get out. Also by adding more rooms and more things you need to get can increase the amount of time it takes to get out, making it less boring once you’ve beat it. Overall I’m freaking obsessed with this game and love to play it on my spare time!

Great And Fun Game But..

It's not a major problem or anything as the the game is mostly bug free but every time I remove a bear trap it causes me to move to the side some and is sometimes crucial if I'm being chased. But overall great game.

I love this but some ideas

IF YOU WANNA HATE GO AHEAD BUT THIS IS MY OPINION🙂I honestly think this should have a granny mode and the escapee mode like now. You can ALSO add like a map or something to show if granny is near or far from you. I was readin some reviews and they said something about a grandpa on extreme mode and I think that is a good idea. There are a lot of people who can literally beat any level so I think you can make it a bit challenging with a PRO level and extreme level. The man can have like a metal bat and the grandma can have a tree branch or something. This is my personal opinion so yeah😂

A very fun game

I absolutely love this game and all its challenges. However, there are some things to add that I think would make the game even more fun. First, and insane mode should be added, to make it really challenging. Maybe that could include Granny being super extra fast and a lot more locks in the door or something. Next, the game should have a choice where you can play as granny and stop the person from escaping or play as the person trying to escape. Playing as granny would give a fun, unique twist on the game. Overall, absolutely obsessed with the game, and to make it more fun, the things I mentioned should be added.

Great but plz improve

So first of all this game is great but it needs work. Granny places way too many bear traps and when I get stuck in them, there’s no escape button like it says there is. But I love how she talks and laughs. 😂 And I love how you can hide under beds and stuff. One more thing to improve is maybe add multiplayer. One person can be granny and one person can be the victim. And there’s an option where 2 people can be victims and the normal computer granny. Great game 👍

A prom for Granny

Granny is nimble, Granny is quick; Granny will beat you with her baseball stick...

Keeps crashing

Sometimes the game works but the game keeps sending me to the home screen

Please consider

Honestly I love this app, but I think it would be cool if you could play two players on this so then you could try to get out of the house together and then like each person could just have 5 lives.

It’s the best game ever!

When I started play granny I was so amazed by everything.Also when I first escaped it was so cool to see the ending!My favorite mode is easy because she is passed-out for 2 mins.THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!😁

Great Game

Really enjoy playing this game with friends. I dont think the house should be expanded any further but maybe add another map where you’re in the woods and you have to repair your car. Just my suggestion but even how the game is now i think it’s fabulous.

Amazing BUT...

This app is a AWESOME, one of my favorite apps on my phone! Everything is great but, the game does crash a lot and as I was about to grab the master key, the game crashed and I had to start over...

Fix it

I’ve beat it so many times it’s starting to become boring maybe if you had it to where there are different levels but with a different house and different codes and keys that will leave you on top of the world!👵🖤🖤🖤

Great! I loved it!

I can never beat the game, even on easy :/ I make YouTube videos on it, but it’s mainly my friend. We love the game, and we recommend it to 9+!


I love the game granny so much I play it every day! It’s like DA BEST! Honestly, I scream a lot, but to me, scary=FUN! Here are a few things: I think you should add a teenaged daughter that sits on a bed, a six year old in the. Bathtub, and a baby in the bloody crib in the attic. I also think that you should add a multiplayer mode so we can play with friends. The teenaged daughter could kill us with a fork from the closet, the baby in the bloody crib could kill us with a knife that is left there, and the six year old in the bathtub could kill us with glass from a broken window. I also think you should add a grandpa and a chef. The grandpa could use a chainsaw and the chef could use a rolling pin. Honestly, I think this should all go into hard and extreme modes only because easy and normal would be impossible too. Thanks for reading! I hope the update comes in soon!



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